Cyprienne, Musée régional’s little mouse, visits the canal!


December 2nd, 2020

Cyprienne visits the canal!


Have you met Cyprienne the Mouse? She’s the cultural ambassador of the Vaudreuil-Soulanges Regional Museum, the mini leader of education services for the museum’s school programs. This busy mouse is also part of shop local campaigns all over the region of Vaudreuil-Soulanges. Hero of 11 youth literature albums, Cyprienne stars in yet another adventure, launched just in time for the holidays. Guess where this latest adventure takes place? The old power dam in Les Cèdres! We thought this was a great time to introduce you to Cyprienne and the artists behind this charming project.


A Tiny History of Cyprienne the Mouse

The first volume of Cyprienne’s tales, Les aventures de Cyprienne, was released in 2010. Since her first adventure, Cyprienne has had a very special power: she can travel through time just by touching objects in the museum’s collection. The possibilities are endless! Cyprienne is on a mission to use her time traveling abilities to uncover the past, taking her young readers on imaginative and educational journeys through history.


Chantal Séguin, author

Visual arts curator and director of education services for the Vaudreuil-Soulanges Regional Museum, Chantal Séguin has played a vital role in the region’s cultural landscape for the past 20 years. While she has a particular affection for our beautiful region and its history, Chantal also loves the French language and its rich vocabulary, using its intricacies to share her passions through writing.


Johanne Mitchell, illustrator

A talented designer, Johanne Mitchell develops a variety of promotional materials for the museum. From early on, she was fascinated by illustrations for children, leading her to study children’s literature. After dabbling in watercolors, Johanne returned to the media of her youth, crayons.


You can find Cyprienne stories at Éditions Vaudreuil in Vaudreuil-Dorion, at hairsalon Myrage in Rigaud, at the Marché écolocal (Les Coteaux) or on their website… or directly at the museum!


Source : Marianne Sigouin-Lebel, chef de projet Canal de Soulanges | 450 424-2262, poste 3231